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We are pleased to present to you Kiev

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is a beautiful and unique city. The city’s natural landscape with the boundless expanses of the Dnieper river is remarkably picturesque in itself. The architectural ambiance of the city has been built up over fifteen centuries of construction. Set among the natural landscape, the city’s architectural masterpieces create an unrivaled impression. Many historic monuments are preserved in Kiev.

Kiev’s location was preordained by nature itself for a unique settlement. The city arose on the frontier between the forest and forest-steppe zones, in a place where trade between tribes was lively. The city is situated on the river Dnieper – one of the most important navigation arteries in Europe, part of the ancient trade route “from the Varangians to the Greeks”. The landscape consists of a series of elevations intersected by streams and ravines, which create secure natural fortifications.

The legend about the founding of Kiev tells: “And there were three brothers: Kiy, Scheck, Khoriv, and their sister was Lybid. They built a town and they called it Kiev, after the oldest brother”. This is the starting point of the history of the city on the Dnieper – the acknowledged spiritual center of Rus, Ukraine and the eastern Slavs. Today Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, has a population of more then 2,6 million people. It occupies an area of 827 square kilometers.

Khreshchatik Ensemble

The most grandiose architectural ensemble of the Soviet era. After it was destroyed in the war, the central street arose like a triumphant chord of beauty and optimism.

Khreshchatik Ensemble - KievKhreshchatik Ensemble - Kiev

Sophia Cathedral

The greatest and most famous of the old cathedrals of Eastern Europe, Sophia Cathedral is a world-famous masterpiece of architecture, with frescoes and mosaic art.

Sophia Cathedral - KievSophia Cathedral - Kiev

Pechersk Lavra

One of Europe’s holiest repositories of Orthodox relics. An architectural masterpiece and artistic museum complex. The resting place of the imperishable remains of the Saints in the near and far caves, where pilgrims have worshiped for hundreds of years.

Pechersk Lavra - KievPechersk Lavra - Kiev

Vladimir Cathedral

The most outstanding complex of sacred art of the late 19th century. The paintings in the cathedral are the work of such great artists as V. Vasnetsov, M. Nesterov, M. Vrubel, and others. They exerted considerable influence upon domestic and European art.

Vladimir Cathedral - KievVladimir Cathedral - Kiev

Andreyevky Spusk

The most picturesque street. Astonishing landscapes, the incomparable Andreyevskaya Church, the Original Castle of Richard of the Lion Heart, Bulgakov’s Reliquiae and a lively market for souvenirs and art works.

Andreyevky Spusk - KievAndreyevky Spusk - Kiev

“The House with Chimeras”

The most unusual of housees! This is the creation of the irrepressible fantasy of Vladislav Gorodetsky; architect, romantic and passionate hunter, who splashed out on the front of the building a whole world stemming from his creative imagination.

The House with Chimeras - Kiev

Gardens and Parks Above the Dnieper

The most pleasant place in the city. Stretching along the green slopes above the Dnieper are the Vladimirskaya Hill, the Khreshchaty Park, the Askold’s Grave Park, the Park of Eternal Glory and the Botanical Gardens.

Gardens and Parks Above the Dnieper - KievGardens and Parks Above the Dnieper - Kiev

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