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Apartment vs Hotel

Kiev Hotels vs Apartments

Apartments and houses for rent are generally roomier than hotel rooms and come with kitchens and common areas to gather in; some have laundry facilities. Rentals can be especially cost-effective for groups. Two couples traveling together can share a two-bedroom apartment, which often ends up being less expensive than a pair of hotel rooms. Groups of backpackers find that splitting the price of a cheap apartment can cost less than paying for several bunks at a youth hostel. You can further your savings by cooking your own meals instead of going out. If you enjoy eating in restaurants, consider stocking your kitchen with breakfast food or picnic-lunch supplies and saving your money for nice dinners out.

For families, an apartment is a huge benefit. Kitchens make it easier and cheaper to dine in and feed picky eaters. Laundry machines let you do the family wash. With more than one room, parents of younger children can hang out and chat while their kids slumber (as opposed to being trapped in a hotel room with the lights out at 8 pm). If you have teenagers, you can leave them to eat dinner in the apartment while you go out to a restaurant — they’ll feel independent (perhaps enjoying a little screen time without parents), and you’ll get a night on the town with your partner.

Here are three benefits of renting rather than plunking down money for a hotel:

1. Lower Costs

Especially if you are staying in town for a week or more, renting an apartment can be cheaper than paying per night at a hotel. Even for the most economical hotels, you will pay the same or higher price for less space. Apartments are usually 1/2 the price of hotel rooms in Kiev.

2. Nicer Location

Hotel chains are often built in commercial zones, limiting you to certain areas of the city. When you rent a privately owned apartment, you choose your area and neighborhood. When staying in the center of Kiev, you have pedestrian-friendly access to public parks and trendy local restaurants to choose from, giving your visit a more personal and local feel.

3. Better Amenities

Hot tubs, large flat screen TVs, billiard rooms, and a private washer and dryer are not necessarily included in hotels. They are, however, fairly common in apartments. If you don’t mind cleaning up your own mess, having a fully equipped kitchen is nice if you are traveling by yourself or if you want to invite people over for a meal. Having a balcony or backyard patio can be a refreshing change of pace from the usual four walls of a hotel room as well.

4. More Freedom

Many Hotels in the Ukraine keep your passport while you are staying at their facilities.  They track your comings and goings, with an employee on each floor taking keys as you leave and returning them to you when you return.